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Sweetened with natural cane sugar. Contains buckwheat and corn flour

organic buckwheat flour 27 %, organic cane sugar 20 %, organic non-hydrogenated vegetable fat and oil (cocoa butter and sunflower oil in varying proportions, lecithin emulsifier), organic eggs, organic corn flour 9%, organic FAIR TRADE dark chocolate 7,6 % (cane sugar, cocoa solids, cocoa butter – minimum cocoa content in chocolate 60 %, lecithin emulsifier), organic cocoa 3,4 %, organic vanilla aroma. Contains no leavening agent.

Average nutritional values per 100 g:
Energy value 1749 kJ (419 kcal)
protein 6,6 g
sacharides 49,0 g
sugar 24,0 g
fats 22,0 g
saturated 6,3 g
salt 0,05 g 

EAN: 8594071210960

Gluten-free biscuits / Long-lasting baked goods 100 g
Shelf life in months: 10 


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The Zemanka organic bakery is a small, family-run organic bakery. We produce shelf-stable sweet organic biscuits and savoury organic crackers. We bake exclusively with certified organic ingredients, and when making our organic food products we do not use any refined white sugar, artificial trans fats, chemical preservatives, or artificial colouring or flavourings. The organic food we make not only tastes great but also comes from the finest organic farming ingredients. Our organic product range includes biscuits, savoury crackers, biscuits for children, and gluten-free biscuits.

All of our recipes are originally created in our bakery, including our gluten-free range of organic biscuits. This is the first gluten-free range of organic biscuits of exquisite composition and taste. It is not only for people following a gluten-free diet but also for those who love buckwheat, corn, or rice flour and wish to cut down on gluten in their diet. Do not hesitate to try our gluten-free organic food.

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